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10 annoying workplace habits

Unless you happen to be your own boss, you probably didn't get to choose your own colleagues. Then chances are high that you don't get along with everyone.

The irritating habits of colleagues dominate a list of things that annoy workers, according to a new study by Samsung Electronics, although computer problems also rank highly among office staff across the country. But the research also showed that loud colleagues, annoying mobile phone ringtones or people eating smelly food in the office, also rankled with workers.

It is unlikely that you will get along with all of your colleagues but there are things that you can avoid doing which will ensure that you're not the one who is the source of constant irritation in the office.

How to address an annoying Co-Worker's behaviour?

If your co-worker is annoying you, you should make sure you know what specific action is bothering you. Otherwise you'll end up rambling about the many things you dislike about your colleague. Deciding how to approach the issue comes down to one simple question: Is his or her behaviour affecting your ability to do your job? Many of the habits listed below do affect your work, so don't be shy and ask your colleague in a friendly manner if he or she could stop or change that specific action. They may not even be aware that what they're doing is bothering you.

If you're just annoyed about their actions, then you need to weigh the pros and cons of having the conversation so that you don't make the situation worse. In that case, really try not to focus on what is bothering you about your colleague and try to find ways to ignore it.

You have surely come across these 10 really annoying colleague habits:

Loud talking and speakerphones
Why is it that some people have the inability to converse without the need to shout on the phone. As hard as you try the fact remains that you cannot help but listen in. And as if talking loudly wasn't bad enough, your colleague puts the phone on loudspeaker and proceeds to dial the number, letting it ring and ring so that everyone else in the office can hear. Worse still, they conduct the entire conversation via speakerphone

Annoying ringtones
Those people who bought (yes bought) the most irritating ringtone of all time are the same people who change their ringtone on a regular basis -- and you just know that the tune will be ringing in your head long after 5 pm.

Eating potent-smelling food
Despite the fact that there is a perfectly good staff room or better still, cafeteria, they chose to eat their egg sandwich or tuna/salmon baguette at their desk. And just to add salt to the wound, they dump their rubbish in the bin under your desk, stinking the office for the entire afternoon.

Borrowing money
Even worse than suffering the pungent stench left in the office all day is the knowledge that it was your money that paid for this torture. Why is it that some people never seem to have any money yet they get paid the same amount as you do, or even more?

Too many cigarette breaks
Some colleagues are constantly absent because they are on one of their many cigarette breaks. Are you one of them? Maybe you should cut back on smoking.

Habitual lateness
Every morning your colleague rushes through the office door, flustered because they 'hate' being late but, it wasn't their fault: traffic jam, the bus broke down, their grandma is sick (for the umpteenth time this month), or they just so happen to live on the most accident-prone street in the UK.

Pinching other peoples' stationery
They 'borrow' your stapler and accidentally-on-purpose 'forget' to put it back on your desk until they hear you rummaging around everywhere for it.

Playing music too loudly
They may think that by listening to music on their iPod means that no one else can hear but, they are sorely wrong. You know exactly what they are listening too and worse still, the tinny sound emanating from the headphones combined with your colleagues pen-tapping in time with the drum beat makes you want to grab it and stamp on it

Passing on their germs
Despite their desks looking like a small pharmacy, your colleagues' incessantly loud sneezing and coughing isn't showing signs of improving, and neither are your chances of escaping their infection.

Some colleagues are experts when it comes to collecting and spreading information about others. That's also how rumours arise or workplace bullying starts. If you're someone who likes to gossip about others: Sometimes it's just better to ignore weaknesses of others and to keep a few secrets to yourself.

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